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Big Plant


The maize plant was designed to process an estimate of 1 ton/hr maize at a minimal capital investment.


  • Maize is moved from a pit, silo or bags by a 100mm auger to the pre cleaner.
  • The pre cleaner removes all foreign materials from the maize.
  • A 100mm screw conveyor moves cleaned maize from the precleaner to the water wheel where an adjustable amount of water is added.
  • The water is allowed to penetrate the maize by the mechanical action of the conditioner.
  • The conditioner empties into one/two samp hammer mills which breaks the maize.
  • The mixture of samp and chop passes through a aspirator where the skin and germ is separated from the samp. The by-product is collected in a cyclone.
  • The cleaned samp passes through a M16 Hammer mill where it is milled to the desired size.