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M Range

Commercial hammer mills
The company started with the PC24 (now M24) of which more than 40,000 units were sold in Southern Africa over the years. The smaller M16 and bigger M36 followed. These machines have blowers on the outside of the screen and discharge through a cyclone. The advantage of this unconventional design is that the milled product comes out of the machine at a far higher rate than the conventional designs thus generating less heat while milling the product.

The M-range produces milled maize from 750 to 1,500 kg per hour using a 1.2 mm screen. These machines have a high capacity and required power from 15kW (20hp) up to 45kW (60hp).

All these models are available on wheels or three point hitch with a PTO shaft. They can also be stationery and driven by electric motors or diesel engines.

The M-range was basically developed for any type of roughage such as lucerne and grass types, but also for grain. The M-range has blowers running on the outside of the screen, which through negative air flow will draw the material towards the screen.