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S Range

The S-models are used for milling grain, sugar, tobacco, salt, spices and other products that need reduction. These models are powered by three-phase electric, petrol or diesel engines from 2, 2 kW (3hp) up to 15kW (20hp) and are ideally suited for farmers and smaller millers. The S-range consists of the S1, S4, S6 and the S8. These machines have a high capacity and low running cost. The S-range is a semi-portable machine and can process a wide variety of feeds for commercial and industrial use.

Whatever the capacity required, there is a Drotsky hammer mill that can do it! The small S1 can do 150kg per hour of milled maize, whereas the M36 will do up to 2 tons per hour. One has to choose the right hammer mill for the right purpose.

Farmers, big and small millers, government institutions, schools, NGOs and various other groups use these products.

S6 Superplant – 3 in 1 – straight run, super maize meal, samp – all in one