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Our Services


Drotsky manufactures hammer mills, feed mixers and pelletizers, as well as spare parts for all products available.
We use simple, yet effective technology that demands little maintenance and is cost effective. It’s for this reason that we moved away from the conventional 180° sieve to the unconventional 360° sieve. The advantage of this unconventional designed hammer mill is that the milled product comes out of the machine at a far higher rate than the old conventional designs.

We are proud to have an abundance of technical skills such as CNC machine operators and we are pleased that since 1985 all our highly skilled welders are female. We adhere to industry standards and regulations and the health and safety of our workers is of the utmost importance to us.

Processing Equipment Service and Modifications

We offer a modification service, in-house testing stations and equipment and concise after sales service and training for all our products. We also do off-site visits and demonstrations if circumstances call for it. Old generation hammer mills are modified to new generation mills. The S and M range modification takes one day, while the M100 modification takes five days. Servicing of hammer mills are done in one day.

Drotsky Spare Parts

We stock spare parts for all products we offer. We distribute spare parts to co-operatives, through local agents and overseas through export agents.

Training and Support

We provide a full technical back-up service. Where necessary, foreign agents are trained at the factory and local agents are assisted to give the necessary back-up in terms of spares and product knowledge. We also do off-site visits and demonstrations if circumstances call for it.

All our staff members are highly skilled and capable and we keep tract of the latest technology and developments in our industry.